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How to Make a Cool Paper Bracelet

Okay, so this week I made this super cool bracelet out of green and blue scrapbooking paper. Really fun, and very easy. I will share this with you. A lot of books have this, and I’ve been taught it by someone, but I will share it with you. First cut pieces of paper 4 and 1/2″ by 2 inches. Fold in half lengthwise, then unfold. Fold the edges to the middle crease. Fold the paper together lengthwise, edges on the inside. Then fold again crosswise. Unfold, and fold the ends of the paper to the middle. Then fold where your previous crease was. If this is too confusing, I found some good instructions here. Anyway, I am getting lazy, so just click on the link to get finishing instructions. In the end, I used about 20 pieces of paper. I then mod podged the whole thing. It came out very cool and glossy.


How to Make Dangling Chain Earrings

Get a sterling silver chain and cut off six inches of it. Attach a jump ring and connect it to a bead, preferably polygon drop beads from Art Beads. Attach another jump ring to the other end and attach it to an earring finding. Make another one.

How to Make Earring Findings

Cut a 3″ wire segment from 20 gauge wire. Make a small loop in the end. Make a 90 degree bend in the wire 1/4″ away from the loop. Now wrap the undisturbed wire around a pen or pencil. Make a small bend going outwards on the end of the wire that was wrapped around the pencil/pen.  

How to Make Triple Hoop Earrings

Cut 3 segments of 20 gauge wire, one 6″, another 5″, and another 4″. Straighten each piece. Make a small loop with pliers at the end of each segment. Take the end with no loop and curve it into a hoop, one end touching the small loop. Repeat with other wire. You will now have 3 hoops, each one 1″ smaller than the other (or at least smaller than another). Attach a jump ring to the loop on the 5″ hoop of wire and connect it to the loop that touches the end of the 6″ segment. It should now be hanging in the middle of the 6″ hoop. Attach a jump ring to the 4″ loop and connect it to the loop of the 5″ hoop. You should now have the 4″ hoop hanging inside the 5″ hoop, and the 5″ hoop hanging in the 6″ hoop. Attach a jump ring to the 4″ hoop’s loop. Slide a bead to the end of a head pin, and cut it where there’s 1/2″ left. Make a loop with the 1/2″ segment and attach it to the 4″ hoop’s loop. Now, the 5″ hoop should be hanging in the 6″ hoop, the 4″ hoop hanging in the 5″ hoop, and the beaded head pin hanging in the 4″ hoop. Attach another jump ring to the 6″ hoop’s loop, and attach to an earring finding. Make another one.  

How to Make Hoop Earrings

Get 20 gauge wire. Cut off a three inch segment and straighten. 1/2″ away from the beginning of the wire, make a loop, with 3/4″ left. With the 3/4″ segment left, make a loop with pliers. With the 1/2″ segment in the front, make a 90 degree bend, not pointing to the center of the hoop, but to the outside of the hoop. Make another one. To wear, put the 1/2″ segment into the hole of your ear, and insert it into the loop. If you like, put a bead onto the hoop before you bend the 1/2″ wire segment.

How to Make Snowflake Necklaces

These are really pretty and easy. First, get a colored metal rimmed tag. You can buy them at Office Depot, hardware stores, and office stores. If they’re not colored, paint the white part of the tag a different color or cut a colored piece of paper the size of the white part and glue it on. Then, get a micro hole punch. These are hole punchers that have small holes, smaller than regular holes. If you don’t have one, use a paper clip or something to poke a hole into the tag. Attach a jump ring. Then, string a ribbon or chain through it. Then decorate. Buy or get graffiti snowflakes. You know, the ones that are made of the same material as sequins. Then glue it to the tag. It looks pretty if you add a bit of glitter. Tie the ends together, and wear! Or put a clasp on the end of the ribbon/chain to make it look professional.

How to Make a Double Strand Necklace

These are really easy and really fun. Also, they look pretty! 😀 Measure around your neck and add 2 inches. Cut 2 strands of fishing line that length. With the 2 ends of the fishing line together, tie the ends to a jump ring. Put glue on the ends so that they won’t unknot. Then take one strand and string beads onto it until there’s one inch left. Tie a knot that you can take out later but big enough so the beads don’t fall off. Take the other strand of fishing line and bead until there’s one inch left. Then, untie the knot of the fishing line of the other strand. With the two ends together, tie the two ends of fishing line to a lobster claw clasp or spring rings clasp. Put glue on the ends so that the knot doesn’t come undone. You can get spring rings at

or to get lobster claw clasps go to 

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads