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Knitting a Scarf

I am knitting a Noro striped scarf for my aunt, with two rows of stripes. Am using chopsticks for needles. It’s pretty (the scarf, I mean). It’s from brooklyn tweed. blogspot. com

I am lazier than most people however, and the lady at the yarn store (Nine Rubies Knitting in San Mateo) said I didn’t have to cast on 39 stitches. So I am a lazy knitter and did only . . . let me count. . . wow this is a record! ding ding ding for lazy knitters! Only 13 stitches. Saved me time, though. I will post a picture soon.


Knitting a Sweater

I’m knitting a sweater. It’s a hoodie. Right now it looks like a vest with one side. I’m impatient. I want it to be done, but I’m not exactly working on it. Know what I mean?

KnitPicks: Gurumi Family Dolls

Ok, so I got this kit as a gift a few days ago to make anigurumis, which are Japanese dolls from the company Knit Picks. The dolls are so cute! Here is what I’m supposed to make with the kit. They’re cute, aren’t they?

From Knit Picks design team.

From Knit Picks design team.

So far, I have created the dog. He’s very cute, but he looks more like a donkey right now. Go to, and you can order a kit. There are other kits besides the Gurumi family, including a monkey. I used size us 3 needles.The Dog for the Gurumi Family

How to Make Knitting Needles

Get wooden dowels and cut off about 10 to 14″. 1/4″ thick are good. Sharpen the ends with a pencil sharpener. Get clay and make balls, and then place them on the end of the stick. Or, to make an acorn, get brown clay, roll a ball, and then stick it on the end of the dowel. Then stick an acorn cap over the ends. Put in the oven and bake for however long. Then seal with a spray on sealer to make the dowels smooth and shiny.

How to Knit Tube Socks

Cast on 36 stitches on size 8 needles. Knit in k 1, p 1 until 15″-18″. Cut the yarn. Thread through the stitches, and sew up side seam. These are good to knit in rib stitch because they stretch for bigger feet and shrink for smaller feet. 

How to Knit an Easy Bucket Hat

This is really easy. On size 8 needles, cast on 40 stitches. Knit until 18 inches. Bind off. Sew up the sides so it’s like a bag. It’s really cute for a baby because it looks like they have little ears.

How to Knit a Book Cover

Measure the size of your book. What’s your gauge per inch? If it’s 4 stitches per inch, and your book is 10″, then cast on 40 stitches, and add 4 stitches. So your adding another inch. Get it? Got it? Good. Okay, so now knit in rib stitch until your book cover reaches all around, from the front cover to the back cover, plus room for the spine. Then knit 6 more inches. These are for pockets. Bind off. Fold over 3″. Sew the top and bottom. You should now have a sideways pocket. Repeat on the other side. All done! To put it on, simply slip the front cover into a pocket, and slip the back cover into the opposite pocket.