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Knitting a Scarf

I am knitting a Noro striped scarf for my aunt, with two rows of stripes. Am using chopsticks for needles. It’s pretty (the scarf, I mean). It’s from brooklyn tweed. blogspot. com

I am lazier than most people however, and the lady at the yarn store (Nine Rubies Knitting in San Mateo) said I didn’t have to cast on 39 stitches. So I am a lazy knitter and did only . . . let me count. . . wow this is a record! ding ding ding for lazy knitters! Only 13 stitches. Saved me time, though. I will post a picture soon.


How to Knit a Tank Top

This size is for small. If you want to make it bigger cast on more stitches, though it has to be an even number. CO 60 sts on size US 8 needles. Rib for 2″ in k 2, p 2. Work in stockinette until it reaches your arm pits, and starts at the bottom where you want it. End with a purl row. BO 5 sts. Knit to the end of the row. BO 5 sts, but still do purl sts. Continue in stockinette until it reaches your shoulders. BO. This is 1 side. Make another side. Sew up the sides all the way until where you bind off the 5 sts. At the top, fold over 1″ and sew down. Do it on the back, too. Get a ribbon/i-cord/crocheted chain that’s about 1 yd. that’s the same color as the tank top or is a contrasting color. Thread one end through the tube in the back, and into the front tube. Do the same with the other end. Tie the two ends together, and slip the knot into the front or back tube.