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Knitting a Scarf

I am knitting a Noro striped scarf for my aunt, with two rows of stripes. Am using chopsticks for needles. It’s pretty (the scarf, I mean). It’s from brooklyn tweed. blogspot. com

I am lazier than most people however, and the lady at the yarn store (Nine Rubies Knitting in San Mateo) said I didn’t have to cast on 39 stitches. So I am a lazy knitter and did only . . . let me count. . . wow this is a record! ding ding ding for lazy knitters! Only 13 stitches. Saved me time, though. I will post a picture soon.


How to Knit a Cozy Ribbed Scarf

Cast on 30 stitches on size ten and a half needles with bulky yarn. Knit 3 purl 3 to the end of the row. Repeat until it’s the length you want. Six feet is a good length. Bind off and weave in ends.