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How to Sew a Tank Top out of Two Men’s T-shirts

Get a ribbed tank top. (No spaghetti straps, please.) Buy two men’s t-shirts, each different colors. It’s good to go to thrift stores, because it’s like finding hidden treasures, and they have really good stuff sometimes. Burlingame’s thrift store is good, because that’s where some of the rich people are, so they donate good stuff. (Tee-hee :D) With the tank top, trace it on a piece of newspaper, and add 1″ or so all around. Cut out the pattern, and pin it to 1 of the t-shirts, or trace the pattern onto the t-shirt. Cut out the tank top, going through both layers of t-shirt so you have 2 tank top pieces. Sew up the sides using a sewing machine or needle and strong thread, 1/4″ away from the side. Repeat on the other side, and sew the straps together. Turn inside out. Cut out 7 strips, 2″ thick, and bind the edges. Bind the front side of the armholes, the back side of the armholes (you’ve used 4 strips), bind the front and back of the neck hole (you’ve used 6 strips), and the front and back of the bottom of the tank top. Ta-da! Now go show your tank top off and wear it. Or wear it as pajamas.  


How to Knit a Tank Top

This size is for small. If you want to make it bigger cast on more stitches, though it has to be an even number. CO 60 sts on size US 8 needles. Rib for 2″ in k 2, p 2. Work in stockinette until it reaches your arm pits, and starts at the bottom where you want it. End with a purl row. BO 5 sts. Knit to the end of the row. BO 5 sts, but still do purl sts. Continue in stockinette until it reaches your shoulders. BO. This is 1 side. Make another side. Sew up the sides all the way until where you bind off the 5 sts. At the top, fold over 1″ and sew down. Do it on the back, too. Get a ribbon/i-cord/crocheted chain that’s about 1 yd. that’s the same color as the tank top or is a contrasting color. Thread one end through the tube in the back, and into the front tube. Do the same with the other end. Tie the two ends together, and slip the knot into the front or back tube.   

No-Sew Tank Top

You need the same materials as in the No-Sew Halter Top, except you will need two yards of ribbon. Follow the directions from the No-sew Halter top until the steps about putting the holes in. Put the tube up to your chest. Now see where the straps would be if it were a tank top. Put the holes there 1″ from the top and in the back. Tie the ribbon/crocheted chain/etc. in the holes. Tie one end of the ribbon in the front, and the other end in the back. Trim the leftover ribbon.